The HEALE Project.

Role — UXR, Health Data Control Coordinator

Year — 2018 (Reattuned website in 2019)

We wanted The HEALE Project’s data system and platform to involve a secured delivery path via an end-to-end encryption mail system, from which patients, relatives and physicians could send their experiences of a life in pain without third-party restrictions.

  • Goals — Build an experience tracking system for assessing patients’s pain conditions in order to seek for further collateral pathologies cohabitating their diagnostic circumstance. Perform diseases contrast via data acquisition and tagged matching (nosographic). New goal through the new website: opening healthcare info on pain research to the sector public.
  • Challenges — More reliable platforms are in need. Research showed the value of motivation generators among clinicians, family members, interaction starters, etc, for increasing data acquisition. We observed a lack of contextualised resources, emotions assessment instruments, and tradition of applying so in local hospitals. Lack of cooperative network availability.
  • Learnings — Trough the introduction of UXR to the HEALE Scale, results show promises of an initial transformation for common diagnostics towards AI assistants in detecting, by keyword sorting and kin matching, hidden psychiatric copathologies associated with pain via qualitative, narrative and text analysis of experiences.

Overview of the Project.

The HEALE Project (‘Healthcare Extended Analysis of Lived Experiences Scale’ of Pain & Well-being for Complementary Implementation in Neuropsychiatric Epidiagnosis) is part of the doctoral research project ‘Pain Assessment in 21st-Century Neuropsychiatry’, operating from 2017 to 2019 (followed by the re-construction of a passive web platform available in 2020) during research at the ECyT National Institute of the University of Salamanca, Spain, in collaboration with the School of Medicine at UCM. It is oriented to the academic study on the clinical evaluation of patients suffering from pain experiences. A platform was built for receiving stories from patients to be analysed through UXR techniques in order to enhance experiences assessment in diagnostics.

The main goals of the HEALE Project’s website are: (1) to serve as an informative source on the status of the project and the sense of its investigation, and (2) to serve as a platform for users to send the research team texts that will be collected as data for further scientific analysis on how experiences on pain work and affect people’s life.

Meet our approach: We wanted the platform to involve a secured delivery path via an end-to-end encryption mail system, from which patients, relatives and physicians could send intimate information without third-party restrictions.
As collected, e-mails sent by the research cohorts can be immediately secured, stored and analysed in a completely private manner, with a straightforward communication from the team to the patient, and vice versa, that is allowed by the platform.