RIERA Artbook.

Art Book, Editorial Design, Photography Documentation, Historiography, Art Collection Management

2016-2014 — Editorial Designer, Visual Documentor

This project became one of the most vibrant editorial and ethnographic works I have developed over the recent years.

Commissioned in 2014 in collaboration with internationally recognised artist Javier Riera, to be published including his most recent work, the book wishes to exhibit a true example of his humane richness and diverse art labour: painting, photography, land art, cyanotypes and projections, side by side with his resounding thought.

The main concern of the project was to create a potent and intelligent fashion of combining both, texts and images. The book’s artistic content is by nature attractive, sensitive and respectful: page composition, edition, layout and type setting, as well as a charming framing of images, needed to convey the same values forming the very book design of RIERA.

A final prototype of the work was exhibited at VITRA (May-June 2016) with Fundación AXA, at Showroom VITRA, c/Padilla 21, Madrid.

More information on artist Javier Riera below: official site and a collection of his works at The National Museum of Modern Art Reina Sofía (MNCARS), Madrid.

Below — Panel and prototype for collective exhibition at VITRA Design Showroom

Below — Sample spreads