‘400 Años de El Greco: Vistiendo la Sombra’, at The National Dress Museum.

Museology, Museum Exhibition Design, Campaign + Editorial Design

2015 — Exhibition Co-Designer

A Selected Museum Exhibition Curated by Itzíar Estéban Infantes. New Trends Transparent to El Greco’s Palette & Gist.

Collaborator designer for the dressing collection ‘Vistiendo la Sombra’ (23 June 2015). Designed the campaign associating El Greco’s texture paintings with contemporary works of art by painter and land artist Javier Riera. Assisted the editorial organisation. The expo was themed upon artworks by Renaissance Greek painter Doménikos Theotokópoulos, most known as ‘El Greco’ (1541 – 1614). Curated by LOEWE’s Space Design Director, Itzíar Estéban Infantes, exhibiting at the National Dress Museum: Museo del Traje Centro de Investigación del Patrimonio Etnológico (MdT-CIPE), c/ Juan de Herrera 2, Madrid, 1st Floor Hall.

Below — Exhibition Settlement

Below — Campaign Wallpaper