Mountains of Fathers & Mothers.

Role — Scientific Advisor, Documentor

Year — 2017-2018

‘Mountains of Fathers & Mothers’ is the first project conceived by an OakTree film in association with the brilliant teams of cinematographers in TwoBanana Studios and researchers in the Film Docc Factory.

  • Goals — As scientific advisor, I committed to improve the recognition of neglected depression in orphaned children. As documentor, I tried to support with ethnographic research works and persona-profiling their mindset and help Mr Himlen to transmit and visualise it through the landscape as he required for the documentary.
  • Challenges — Lack of facilitators. Lack of identified diagnostics. Mutism from many organisations, while contrasting very motivated cooperators, to whom I express my gratitude and respect for their medical cause.
  • Learnings — Cooperation, teamwork, a style of working where distance doesn’t mean lack of commitment nor understanding.

Overview of the Project.

For this beautiful project, I collaborated with medical, ethnographic and photographic documentation for the An OakTree Film documentary series on mental consequences of child orphanhood, by Danish Director Lars Himlen.

In 2016 the collective An OakTree Film was initiated as an international, loose group of designers, film makers, cinematographers and photographers, oriented towards lowering the costs of documentary video productions. This platform works via crowdfunding in a transparent way, ensuring that all projects entail a solidary benefit with proposals that cross the boundaries of social action. The produced documentaries would be then distributed raising money for a particular cause.

The documentary was ideated together with the people at the Film Docc Factory, making video content flow along the open source philosophies of the Creative Commons. Lars Himlen’s project versioned part of the research held during my postgraduate years, recording life experiences of people that stayed at a situation of orphanhood. The fictional documentary started production about 2017, talking about the remote, solitary life of three orphaned children, whose parents died imprisoned within the Tatra Mountains (Poland) at a secondary mine collapse in 2003. Through hybrid reality (docu-drama) the film documents their life until orphanage.

Below — Documentary Covers