Mar Oceana’s Special Issue Convention.

Journal-Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Convention Protocol

2015 — Editor, Co-Convenor

Convention for the Special Issue #14 of the Journal for the History & Literature on the Colonial Americas.

Mar Oceana was a journal of research and opinion on historical American affairs. The quarterly conceived the proposal for the English version of the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian edition, which emerged from the previous review Quinto Centenario. The theme of the title configured the topic for the present project, and the reason why the journal wanted to launch a Special Issue #14 on October the 12th as marking the occasion for the Discovery. Convention Host: Prof. Dr. Mario Hernández Sánchez-Barba, Chief Ed. Mar Oceana. Revista del Humanismo Español e Iberoamericano.

The issue summarised the celebration of two book presentations, guest authors invited by the Editor in Chief, on the matter of ethnographic methodologies for recovering ancient literature about colonial travelling, plus the editing of the conference readings. This was approached as a solo editorial design project, resulting in the final solution for the journal event.

Below — Convention Wallpaper