The Kalavik Commons Collective.

Role — Experiments Coordinator, Commons Committeer, Founder

Year — 2017-2020

The Kalavik Commons is an open, collective of European ergonomists, user experience researchers and human-computer interaction researchers, discussing new strategies in the future of the field.

  • Goals — Build an open, transparent, volunteering-oriented, distributed and internationalised collective of commons, deciding via committee agreements biannual meetings (CBCs) where to discuss contemporary ergonomics, UXR, and HCI affairs, and the future of the field. Design new website (to be open in 2020).
  • Challenges — Distances. Different cultural styles of facing meeting organisers and convenor roles. As for today, no lack of volunteers has affected the development of the CBCs. Deciding one topic at a time.
  • Learnings — Fellowship. Many collaborations originated great exchanges of ideas and promoted many solutions for real projects. What was once an informal and loose collection of people transformed in an enriching collective.

Overview of the Project.

Driven by a decentralised, volunteering-based organisation of friendly committeers, our purpose is to extend a network of research colleagues to gather up in biannual gatherings (CBCs), where we suggest alternatives for specific topic affairs within a collection of fields of which their immediate future is just to come. We are oriented to the exposition of projects, topics and discussion upon ergonomic issues corporative research.

Participated building the Commons Committee for the ‘Distributed Gathering of European Ergonomists, User Experience & Human-Computer Interaction Researchers’ at Kalavik Commons. Initiated 2016. Started the QA Control for the Alaska Balance Paradigm Observation Project, a pre-offset indication system for attentional engagement in visual-interactive learning books/eBooks.

Initiated the CBC Convention Series (2017 Madrid – 2018 Københvn – 2019a Brugge, 2019b München – 2020 Århus). Co-Developeding the Cognitive Ergonomics Experiments Committee (goal 2021). Ongoing.

Below — Landing for the CBC Gatherings