‘Air-Land: Fire’ Exhibition Design at BAOM Hall, Århus, Denmark.

Role — Curator of Design Exhibition, Documentor

Year — 2017

Designed first as a photography recovery expo about ’50s bombings upon Japan, ‘Air-Land : Fire’ evolved into curating a design exhibition at Århus’s BAOM Collective Hall in 2017.

  • Goals — Cooperate for the exhibition design on photographic recovery at the hall of historical collective BAOM. Gathering collaborators and planning structural resources.
  • Challenges — Giving the contemporary sense of graphic design to recovered photos of aerial disasters occurring in WWII. As a team we decided to solve this by making visual the scale of technology’s faulty uses in a documenting perspective.
  • Learnings — Fast remote cooperation with international collective. Gain fellow colleagues with open mind. Use of constructive ideas to move forward in a different direction by reflecting on continuous prototyping.

Overview of the Project.

The exhibit was thought to display wallpaper designs on the topic of urban destruction during the bombings that shelled Japan in the mid ‘40s, leaving many cities into wasteland till the ‘50s. Originals were treated for enlargement, adjusted to a typographic frame and assembled into 4 clusters: bombings from Kobe, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. Aircraft images from working scenes on what resulted to be tragic airlanders destined to war and bellicosity were also presented. A fantastic opportunity to meet up and get to share many thoughts, of which many emerged back as fruitful online conversation, among the people soon building The Commons.

Thanks to Mati Ålen, for his open attitude and dedication.

Below — Airlander’s Disaster

Below — Osaka Proposal Cover

Below — Kobe Proposal Cover

Below — Black Kobe Proposal Cover