I’m a seasoned UX Designer & Experience Researcher working with digital product teams to develop Strategy, Infrastructure, Usage Profiles and Ergonomy Ecosystems. Welcome to my portfolio of collected projects & writings



I’m a seasoned UX Designer & Experience Researcher working with digital product
teams to develop Strategy, Infrastructure,
Usage Profiles and Ergonomy Ecosystems.
Welcome to my portfolio of collected
projects & writings!

Leading User Experience Research Team & Strategy at Diligent Corporation.

Building Diligent’s UXR Strategy + Team for the biggest SaaS Governance Risk & Compliance company worldwide: structuring practice, network and methods, including tool-sets, auditing protocols, vendors negotiations, B2B bridging, repository, interview belts, usability testing systems, anonymisation protocols… 

Managing UX Research for CryEngine at Crytek.

Case Study, building and leading Crytek’s 1st UXR Strategy + Team for CryEngine, the historical game engine titan for open simulation + AR sandbox. Structured UXR team, methods, repository, interviews automation, internships. Designed a modern and tailored User Profiler for Systemic User Interviews & Testing Playgrounds. Built CryEngine’s UXR Repository, Product Intelligence, Uint Ops Network, User Data Tracking, GDPR Anonymity infrastructures, user + client feeds, team evaluation and inter-dept network…

The Readery’s Blockchain System. Case Study (III).


UX Design, Prototyping, Blockchain, Decentralised Platform, Collective Shareability

The EAN Tool’s UX Design Project.


UX Design, HCI, UI, Accessibility, Health Platform Design, Experience Assessment

The EAN Project’s User Experience Research.

2020 — 2019

UXR, Medical Design, Health Design, Intelligent Platform, Blockchain, Epidiagnostics, Experience Assessment

The Kalavik Commons

2020 — 2017

Collective Design, Ergonomics, UX Design, UXR, Web Design, Futurism

The Readery’s HCI. Case Study (II).


Systems Design, UX Design, UX, UI, Accessibility, Decentralised Platform

Visualiser Experiments for The Readery.
Case Study (I).


Cognitive Ergonomics, Affordance Experiment, UXR, HCI, Experimental Research

The HEALE Project.

2019 — 2017

UXR, Platform Design, Ergonomics, Experience Assessment

UX Design & Research for HOME Outlaw State.

2019 — 2016

UX Design, UXR, Game Design, Social Gaming Interaction

CBC Meetings.

2019 — 2017

Collective Design, Ergonomics, HCI, UXR, Editorial Design, Futurism

Event Based Dynamics (EBD).

2018 — 2017

UX Design, UXR, Game Design, Gamification, Social Gaming Interaction, Experience Assessment

Sustainable Differentiation Model (USD).

2018 — 2017

Social Game Design, Gamification, UXR, Big Data Tracking, Usability Analysis, Experience Assessment

Low Levels of Recognisability Experiments Series. Case Study.

2018 — 2014

Experimental Research, Cognitive Ergonomics, Epidiagnostics, Health Design, Experiences Assessment

Mountains of Fathers & Mothers.

2018 — 2014

UX Design, Documentary Film Project, Collective Design, Health Design, Campaign, Photography

‘Air-Land: Fire’ at BAOM Århus, Denmark.


Exhibition Design, Editorial Design, Museum Project

RIERA Artbook.

2016 — 2014

Art Book, Editorial Design, Photography Documentation, Historiography, Art Collection Management

‘400 Years of El Greco: Vistiendo la Sombra’ at The National Dress Museum.


Museology, Museum Exhibition Design, Campaign + Editorial Design

Mar Oceana’s Special Issue Convention.


Editor, Translator, Journal-Graphic Design, Historical Documentation, Editorial Design, Convention Design

The Intestinal Transit Review for CIAM.

2015 — 2014

Editor, Translator, Journal-Graphic Design, Health Project, Satirical Journalism, Satirical Editing, Health Design